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Todays Resources

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Here is my weekly digest of tutorials , general news and stuff.

Graphic Design
Look at this amazing flame effect for photoshop

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WiiMote Whiteboard

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Mad Mad day

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Don't know what to do?

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I was bored.
So I was doing my thinkin of ace ideas then realised oh that works

you think he mad this guy NoLol :angry:

Any way the idea was a virutal shopping centre(mall) stay away i will gte it copyrighted lol

Ok so i am mad at moment want to help me pm

swamp with work and killing people
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Html 5

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You all should know about html(hyper text markup lanuage).To save me time on this post i have put a bit about it off wikipedia.

HTML, an initialism of HyperText Markup Language, is the predominant markup language for Web pages. It provides a means to describe the structure of text-based information in a document — by denoting certain...
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well i have decided to help all you novices out there in web design

Well you should know to start on (x)HTML Then i would say go on to php there are so good tutorials on they ar evideo tutorials on anything but stick to php.

Next I wanted to help you move on to the next step so I will start a project.

So give an Idea...
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My first one

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Hey so I thought I will Start by posting About my self

Ok so i was top of class in high school and was making basic games and i designed my schools webiste at 14.
Then i moved In mainstream web programming.Ok my life is uneven I was top set in every subject but i became so in to computers I lost my topsets to 2nd set but who cares.Ok i was...
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Project Stats

Web social game network - done
Project 1 (It's secret for now)-99%
PHP mafia project(for teaching)- done
Fusiontext-Never will be finish
Fusion suite-50%
Mail System-75 %

The people i have bet on the computer

My friends
Kane(the I'm celevr i did batch at 15)
Adam I know PSD
Nathan(followed me around in school trying look as good as me but when asked to do something couldn't even do html)
Danny (just tried looking hard)

Other people
Most of My friends on kongregate and myspace

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