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wxWidgets: Loading symbols from DLLs at runtime

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[Apologies if the entry is a little unclear, I just threw this together in about 10 minutes, I wanna get it out there... it's fucking hard to find any sort of information when it comes to this at the moment]

Quick entry, gonna turn this into a tutorial soon. The code is a bit of a mess, since I was just throwing stuff together while I was...
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Careers: Software Development VS Game Development

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Been a while.

This is such a difficult decision. I think it probably is for a lot of programmers. This is more of a personal entry than most, more just explaining my thought process on the whole path that I can't decide to take. :/...
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Side Scroller Engine - 3 days progress

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Okay, so I decided on a quick side project to my MMORPG engine - a 2D side scroller engine. I've spent three days on this, and so far, I have:

- sprite animation
- maps with automated collision detection
- shooting
- AI enemies that follow and attack (though they're a little bit thick)
- scrolling maps, but without *only* moving the...
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Circular Primes

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Decided to blog about some of the more interesting project euler tasks here. Could lead to some interesting discussion on algorithms, too. :w00t:...
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Fast Prime Numbers

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Quick entry, posting it for safe keeping. :)

I've already found this useful in a few of the problems over at project euler so I figured I'd share it. Quick primes! I actually wrote this a few days ago in response to NickDMax's thread...
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All the code behind the engine so far

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So, I'm finally uploading the source. It's a little buggy (still) but it should be stable. (Memory and CPU usage seem pretty stable too)

I'm intrigued to see if anyone can build it for their OS, or what errors they come across. I've included the Windows DLLs, and all references are relative (I hope) to the project, so *hopefully*...
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Time for a teaser: The code behind the engine!

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Not gonna give it all away yet, it needs an extreme cleanup. My code is a total mess! :)...
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So, some of you might've tested out that demo, huh? Notice anything lacking? Well, it's supposed to work online and show other players walking around, which it didn't in that release. It worked before I uploaded, then just stopped all of a sudden. Drove me insane, it did.

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SourceForge : A real pain in the arse! [Uploading]

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Well, finally got around to fixing my engine up for a release. It's a little buggy, but it shouldn't crash. Got it all up on sourceforge now: http://sourceforge.n...ts/simplemmorpg and you can download it here...
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Multithreading the Game Engine!

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So, I finally got around to putting the server communication stuff in a different thread. :)...
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Simplest Game Ever?

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Well, I wanted to make something that anyone can make a game with.

I think I've done it.

The engine still isn't complete, but I've tidied up the main code a little.

Perhaps a little too much.

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Holy Crap - DreamInCode's PR!

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Rank 8 of 350,000 results. </> strikes again with it's awesome page rank!

That is all.
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The engine is evolving: Online RPG Engine!

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Yup, multiplayer. :)...
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Creating a Game Engine!

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So I've finally decided to work on a pretty big project. Doing it all by myself, the best way to do it IMO.

This new project is a 2D game engine. It'll be sooooo easy to use, and it'll be for creating games with a similar gameplay to the early Final Fantasy games. Nothing flashy, but fun all the same.

It could...
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Case Insensitive URLs on a Linux Server

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Only a short entry. This is something that can be a bitch to figure out, and pretty difficult to find the simplest solution. So here I am, providing you with said solution out of the generosity of my heart! :)

So, you may have heard of a file called .htaccess...
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It's been a while

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Wow. Well over a month since my last entry, and now it's nearly Christmas!

OK, so this is gonna be a little bit of an off-topic entry. But I wanna let you guys know that I'm gonna get back to programming in my free time!
[That's right guys, gabehabe stopped programming for fun since he started work]

So yeah, about my new job....
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A New Language, For Complete Beginners

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I've decided that I'm going to develop my own language. For now, it will be interpreted, but as I get more into compiler theory, I'm hoping to be able to build a compiler for it.

It's going to be as close to English as possible. And the way that I'll do this is not to parse every single word, but to only parse certain...
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My First Interpreter: Brainfuck

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I love a bit of brainfuck...
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Styles of Programming: Managing your Code

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Topic Requested By: red_4900...
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#Develop: A Free Alternative to Visual Studio

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This is a topic which was inspired by this thread. Not a lengthy blog entry, but definitely worth a read, if you're looking for an alternative to Visual Studio.

First off, the application is available here.

I would have used Visual Studio more, but it doesn't agree with the laptop. I have ...

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