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Web Development Fundamentals

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I finished my Strata Fundamentals class pretty easily. I got a 65/70 on the certification, but I think I could have done better had I not rushed through the test like I did. Now I'm enrolled in a "Web Development Fundamentals" class. I think I'll have a pretty easy time with this one, but I doubt it will be as easy as Strata...
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On the "Ubuntu Tablet" and an email I sent to Canonical.

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Today, I watched the six minute video about the new "Ubuntu Tablet" that Canonical has been secretly been developing for a while now. While I watched, I remembered a feedback email that I provided several months ago. I became very curious whether or not my email influenced them in any way, because I definitely saw some things that I had...
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Some more things that are irrellivant to you that excite me :D

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I've completed my first class. It was easy enough. I'm in my second class, CompTIA Strata Fundamentals. Easy peesey. That's really not what I'm making this entry about, though. I'm making this entry to say this; I've realized that I'm starting to develop the critical thinking and abstract problem solving skills required...
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