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Find the calling function - PHP

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Today like many other days that i am not at work earning money, i have spent trying to expand my PHP knowledge and prove to the .NET fanboys ;)...
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Well for the past 2 days i got bored so i decided i wanted to expand my understanding and knowledge of sockets within PHP. So i thought i would create a server, yes i know that a server within a server is pretty pointless but i wanted to have some fun and be creative. I might come back to this at a later date as i am thinking of a different way...
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First time for everything

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If you asked me 6 months ago if i would be learning another microsoft language after learning Visual Basic and ASP i would have just simply laughed at you. Now i have realised (when i was bored, go figure) that to have any real success in the industry then i would have to start learning a .NET language, rather then starting off with VB.NET or...
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