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Magnetism is Arbitrary!

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Electric Fields vs. Magnetism (Part 1)

You ask any physicist the definition of a magnetic field and he or she will either give you a textbook answer and or a mathematical answer. However, both are actually arbitrary. This is a little bit of a read but I urge you to read through all of it if you are going to make any comments or any attempt to...
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Relations, relations, relations.

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Relations, relations, relations.

Everything Iíve been talking about has some relation to a grand unified theory. Like Iíve said, it all boils down to understanding gravity on an extraordinarily small scale and an extraordinarily large scale with the same mathematical model (overall).

Gravity is a relationship based force unlike...
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Quick Grand Unification Overview

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There once was a thought of a unification of all four fundamental forces (unified field theory, grand unification, theory of everything, whatever, whateverÖ). Well, there still is; there are plenty of theories, however there are, Iíll say Three big boys (but there are plenty of others just as credible) that have my attention:

-String Theory (M...
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A little about me.

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I'm the resident dickhead here at dreamincode, mostly because I have a very minute background in programming therefore motivation is low, and I was dropped on my head as a baby so I am prone to sudden fits of anger.

I'm double majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Theoretical Physics, and minoring in Mathematics (my focus being...
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Creationists Denounce Gravity

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I was recently reading an article (with many seemingly legitimate sources) that claim to "disprove gravity" with the physical evidence that the moon is traveling futher away from the Earth. This rate of change is rather constant at least as far as we are concerned; according to NASA (I'm going to round here because I'm not sure...
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