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PHP to C#

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I decided to write this little tidbit just in case you are a PHP user going over to C#. I just want to share my experiences of 2 weeks using C# (after about a solid year of nothing but PHP).

One, C# is what is known as a strongly typed...
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RSA Encryption in PHP

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Good news and bad news, guys.

I've completed a class in PHP that generates a public and private key using the algorithm for RSA. Read more about RSA at [1].

The bad news is, this theoretically...
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A Lesson In Anonimity

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If you plan on doing anything illegal, don't ever use any web proxies. This is common knowledge, but why am I emphasizing it now? Behold, Exhibit A.

If you haven't heard about how the United States Republican Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin had her Yahoo! email hacked, read about it at [1]

Now, according to [2] an Anonymous...
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Well, after finding out about PHP-GTK, I decided I wanted to code a browser, fully in PHP.

After a little playing around with the ways of organizing the GUI (GtkHBox and GtkVBox), I had a simple web browser look. All I needed way a way to show the page.

I figured I would just use a file_get_contents() to get the HTML of the page, then just put...
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MoonBlog is DONE!

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Well, after a few weeks, I finished MoonBlog 1.0 :D

You can read about it here - http://www.dreaminco...wtopic61625.htm...
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Looking Back... (PHP Edition)

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I've been using PHP for about a year now, so I'd like to say I have a decent grasp of the language. But I've seen some things that make me wonder why the coders did it. Some are legitimate gripes, others are just my own pet peeves Why bother making a forum post, when I can make a blog post? This thing hasn't been used since I...

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