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Looking for a job?

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I think Python may be your best bet. The vast majority of recruiters from whom I receive LinkedIn messages (and calls) as of late have all been looking for those with Python (and Django) experience. Python is a very minor point on my résumé, even though I've been using it off and on (and somewhat sparingly) for like 15 years. My first job was...
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PHP and SQL Help

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I'm finding it increasingly frustrating to try to help people with PHP and SQL programming. It's to the point I might just say "fuck it" and avoid the PHP forum period. There are too many copy/paste poseurs just grabbing horrible code -- which dominates the search engines -- and having the faintest fucking idea what to do after...
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C++ Navajo Windtalker Translator

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A poster brought up the Navajo Windtalker code and thought a translator might be a neat project as a beginner in C++. I thought I'd whip something up as a way to keep my waning C++ skills from completely falling by the wayside.

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The Unemployed Life: Coming To An End(?)

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Well I have received a verbal offer; still waiting for the paperwork before I will feel completely at ease, but should be starting my new job soon. In a switch from the C/C++/C#-centric dev I've been doing for years, this will be focused on PHP and web development, with a cloud-computing bent. I'll have to work to keep up my compiled...
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NotORM: This Looks Interesting

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Check this out. Wonder how well it works with more complicated DBs. I've never actually used an ORM in a project, so maybe that's always an issue.
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The Unemployed Life: Uregent (sic) Requirement!

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Wow, apparently the urgency of Indians extends to recruiting trolls...

I would rather drag my sack across a field of broken glass and take a dip in some rubbing alcohol than respond to some of these bloodsuckers.
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The Unemployed Life: There's What I Was Waiting For

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Had two interviews with a company. The first went EXTREMELY well; I left more upbeat than I've ever left an interview before. Got called back to come in for a second interview yesterday, which seemed to go OK. This was primarily with the business side.

Called back today: "the business need changed...we have an offshore group...nothing...
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Getting DIC's RSS Feed & Active Users Through cURLpp

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Was playing around with cURLpp today, so I wrote up some code to grab the RSS feed and the active user list from the XML API. It's certainly not perfect, but it may provide someone with some insight on using cURLpp and libxml2 (which are obviously required).

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The Unemployed Life: Anticipating the First Phone Interview

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Well, doing some research (which I should have done BEFORE I submitted my CV), indicates my upcoming interview is destined to be a fail. They seem to be intent on asking CS-type questions, like data structures & algorithms, Big-O stuff...things to which I've never really been exposed, not having gone through a CS curriculum.

I'm sure...
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The Unemployed Life: First active day

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After spending a week moping and generally perturbed at the overall situation, on Sunday evening I fixed up my résumé and enabled it -- confidentially -- on Monster.

As I expected, this morning the floodgates opened with recruiters spamming me with positions. Note to one particularly dumbass recruiter: if you can't be bothered to take out...

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