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Playing in Python

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As some of you know, and most of you probably don't, my major is Computer Engineering. This means that I deal with very low level code 100% of the time, basically in pure C. This also means that I never get to experience the benefits of higher level languages, whether compiled or interpreted, statically or dynamically typed. As most of you...
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Past, Present, and Future (and.... a christmas tree in NASM)

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So, a lot of bloggers are probably posting something tonight about Christmas, and giving you code to print off a Christmas tree, or whatever else. You know, things that have been done a million times before. Well, before I do that, I'm going to talk a bit about the past, present, and future of this blog. If you have no interest in this,...
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Using Virtualbox as a bootloader testing environment

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I really need to start blogging about consistent topics... Oh well.

Over the past few weeks, I've been slowly starting to get back into programming in assembly, and today, I got to experience an actual required use for such a language. This would be the creation of a master boot record [MBR], or Boot Sector. This is a 512 byte long assembly...
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AVR Oscilloscope, Part 1

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So, I feel like it's been a while since I've actually done any sort of coding in a blog entry. Therefore, I present to you the following piece on getting a small scale oscilloscope running on an ATMega chip. The code presented here is being compiled for an ATMega644PA, but you should be able to tailor it to your specific situation quite...
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My thoughts on Bada as an Operating System and as a Development Platform

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A couple weeks ago, I got a new cell phone, a Samsung Wave (S8500G?). This phone has the same screen as a Samsung Galaxy S, the AMOLED vibrant, 480x800 HD(?) screen. It has a 1 GHz processor in it as well, along with bluetooth, wifi, GPS, a 5M camera on the back, and a secondary camera on the front. It runs samsung's new operating system,...
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Privatizing Programming Languages

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Before I drive in to the details I wish to discus, let me first warn the reader that I am not a lawyer, and I have not done a lot of research into the issues that are presented here. What is here is more of a philosophical musing and logical reasoning on my standpoint considering the necessity of privatized programming languages, and the ethics...
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AVR with the C Programming Language for the Beginner

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So this year, I took a course entitled "Electrical Engineering Design II." Part of this course work was to create a robot which would venture through an obstacle course and complete a task. We were given kits to do so, and basically told to go at it. Included in this kit was an Atmel ATMega644PA on a school-made programmer and...
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Keeping your Windows system running smoothly

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I'll admit I generally try to be an unbiased person. I'll also admit that that is a blatant lie. I'll be honest, I am a linux guy. It's what I use every day, for just about everything. And if I need windows, hey! Virtualbox! And if I need OSX I'm doing something wrong (seriously, it's a BSD distro that needs to...
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My Adaptation of Linux into a living and working environment

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Since my first year of college, I've always wanted to make linux my primary operating system. Distros and Desktop managers were not really known to me, so these issues weren't currently present. This was even before I started programming. But, I was always tinkering with my computer. As I became more and more comfortable with the...
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Ktasks -- A task manager for linux built with Qt

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So Sunday I decided to be adventurous and learn Qt, which went really well.

I have designed a GUI Application with Qt to serve as a "task Manager." It's in an alpha stage right now, functional to the point where you can refresh the list and kill processes.

Image reduced in size

As you can see, it is quite rudimentary.

What I am wondering is if there...

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