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Changing Play 2 DB Configuration At Runtime

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Maybe you work for a company that leaves DB passwords in plaintext in configuration files on their servers. You would probably be among the majority. Or maybe your company encrypts passwords in configuration files: Also not that uncommon. Whatís not common (in my experience) is having the devops team ďtransmitĒ the password to the application...
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Play Framework 2.1: Addendum

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In my previous post, Play 2.1: The Bloom Is Off The Rose, I talked about several real-world problems Iíve had when using Play 2.1. Iíve since received responses from the Play team which prompted me to continue trying to find solutions to my problems. The outcome is a mixed bag. continue reading >>
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Play Framework 2.1: The Bloom Is Off The Rose

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On a recent project, my team evaluated several web frameworks for an upcoming web application. We chose The Play Framework. I was very attracted to its simplicity and the rapidity with which we could get things working. The Scala templates are also very powerful and much simpler (for me at least) than JSP templates. All in all it seemed like a...
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Spring 3.0 RESTful web services

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If youíre reading this then youíre probably aware that the new Spring 3.0 release will have REST support (If youíre not familiar with REST here is a nice intro). In this article Iím going to describe the basic steps required to quickly get a RESTful XML web service going using the latest Spring 3 release candidate...continue reading>>
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Funny: How to pronounce Subversion

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Found this by accident and thought it was hilarious...[more]
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Back in Town

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After a nice long vacation (belated honeymoon, part 1) tasting wines in Napa and Sonoma, and touring San Francisco, I'm back in town and ready to get back to work. I managed to slip in a little Java while on the road. I read a good bit more of Java Concurrency in Practice...

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