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Using PHP and Twitter on my website

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So, lately I've been wanting to redesign my website, and I have been considering some of the things I might want to include on it. One of those things is a brief summary of my latest Twitter updates or 'Tweets'.

I managed to achieve this by using this PHP Twitter class...
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RoR - 'Look at all the things I'm not doing!'

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Over the past few weeks (and months) I have read a lot about the much-hyped 'Ruby On Rails' web framework. After a few false starts with outdated tutorials, I have finally started on my first 'RoR' project called 'NightsOut Manchester', and I have to say, progress is going well.

I intended on creating the first incarnation...
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Good day today, had 3 thanks on the DIC forums from Kevin137, DKlingman and saulfenky2470 :D
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My first entry!

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Signed up to DIC today, looks like a great site, used to be a member of, not sure if they're still around.

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