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Life gets in the way

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Why does life get in the way of becoming the most evil mastermind taking over the world one .jar at a time?

I've been offline for DAYS (weeks?) with a linux laptop that had its software soul destroyed by a driver update (ACPM?) attempting to get accurate battery life information from Ubuntu. After updating the battery monitoring gadwidget my...
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What is the point?

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So why am I making this blog and going through the trouble of writing content, posting examples and documenting my progress when there is already so much code and tutorials on the net with some of the best available right here on DIC? The simple answer is to do my part to help the next guy just like me, or somewhat similar to me, or nothing like...
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Fun with Java and Linux

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Imagine all of the fun to be had learning how to get/keep my newly reloaded Linux laptop working (zomg good riddance to vista or W7 on laptops) while also installing and learning Eclipse and Netbeans, along with 50000 other free Linux apps! OK I admit the excitement was all caused by me installing 50000 free Linux apps and thinking I had...
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