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Export DataTable to Excel .CSV using C#.Net {How easy is this}

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Export DataTable to Excel/CSV using C#

I was working on a project and my client asked me to export data to excel or .csv file. do you know how easy is this, Just by using StreamWriter I exported a DataTable to excel .csv file.

and here is the code

for this article I used Northwind database and Employees table from MS SQL server.
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Insert, Update and Delete records in table with datagridview using

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Insert, Update & Delete Table from DataGridView in C#.Net

Topic: Insert, Update & Delete Table from DataGridView
Language: C#.Net 2.0
Level: Intermediate

Today I will show you how to Insert, Update & Delete table with DataGridView in C#.Net.

Create a database EmployeesDB and create a table Employees
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Load Excel File to Data Table using C Sharp.Net

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I saw in forums everyone is asking how to load data from excel file to database.

I made a simple function to load excel data into DataTable, once you loaded data to DataTable you can move it to any database you want.

this function required excel file path to load data and you can modify excel sheet name if it is not matching with the code.

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