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UIL Computer Science :P

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So, after having a little over a year's worth of programming and exposure to Computer Science, I went to UIL district with my friends, Nick and Tazz. At District, I won third place individual, tazz 2nd, and nick 3rd. :D Our team of course took first place and we went on to Regionals. at Regionals, my score on the individual test went up 8...
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Game Programming/ Pong

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Today, i learned how to program the game Pong with Luckless' tutorial on it in the Java tutorials section. I never realized how much it took just to make pong. o.O it's actually pretty amazing, i thought, that i was able to understand most of what was going on.... I couldn't actually use any of the tools used to make the game but i do...
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GUI learning and my goal for the summer

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well.... now that i know GUI w/ java can be a little confusing..... especially for me the whole "constructor class" thing when defining your GUI for your program, i have decided to make it my goal to do something cool with GUI this summer. At the moment, to better understand GUI myself, i'm using an old game i made called...
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learning to program more than text w/ java

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so today, i'm going to learn how to make a game using java and the handy rock, paper, scissors java game written by..... another programmer who's name i forget at the moment. you know? that one in the tutorials for java? yeah. that one. XD I'm gonna use that to learn how to make simple games with java. and windows and such like this...

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