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Dagger3D uses fixed-length pointer arrays to store things like meshes, textures, sounds, entities, lights, rastrings, and cameras.

Fixed-length pointer arrays are fast, and easy to understand in my opinion. That said, what makes them so easy to understand is also their greatest flaw. I've slowly been kind of moving towards a linked-list...
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Custom Make-build System

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The dagger3d-0.1-make branch now builds properly on Linux.

I've written a basic clone of the GNU configure script, and my Makefile probably works differently internally, but the commands are still the same.

To compile Dagger3D:
midnight% ./configure
midnight% make
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Dagger3D without Automake

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In the style of my first blog post this too will be extremely short [that's what she said].

Basically Automake is pretty sweet but I don't really have any clue how to use it and while it is kind of working, I really dislike using tools that I don't understand.

I've put together a branch titled dagger3d-0.1-make...
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The Future Of Dagger3d

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Sometimes it's nice to be king. Just to make this clear, the thoughts expressed in this post are where I would like...
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Variadic Functions or How printf() Works

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One of the biggest gripes that I have with my own game engine is (or rather, was..) how awkward working with matrices could be. Setting the values of a large matrix would mean the number of changes and the lines of code required to make those changes would be the same. Ridiculous! Sometimes I wonder why I do these things.

I've noticed...
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Dagger3D's New Sound System Using OpenAL

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As you may have gathered, Dagger3D's sound system has finally been written. OpenAL made the process much simpler than I thought it would be, though perhaps my familiarity with OpenGL influenced that; they're surprisingly similar you know.

OpenAL logo
Image reduced in size...
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Test post

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Just want to see what this looks like. :P
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