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oh. aaaahhh, ahhh, ooh I discovered FLASH!

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For every idiot out there who said flash is not programming, eat your **** for breakfast because it is amazing, fantastic, and perfect for creating games.
ohh la la I am in love, and this one is going to last baby......
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Javascript I love th eeee eee..

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Javascript is the most popular language on the web but it is limited in that it cannot store data(except in a small way using cookies), Ajax to a large extent has come to the rescue allowing data to be transferred to a php page, then new data to be displayed on the Javascript page either in plain texr, js, html or xml, this...
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Dynamic Menu.

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Ever wanted to create a menu bar with drop down navigation that disappears after a giving the user enough time to find what they want, no, well I thought it might be worth while anyway to have a go at putting a menu together that interacts with the user.
What needs to be done is first create a css menu with elements in an unordered list that float...
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It's the PHP image that counts!

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A quick look at the imagesetstyle() function, which with a modicum of effort will create php ART, yeah well, don't knock it until you've tried it, no!
In this brief how-to, we will create and animate two short pieces of code to demonstrate this function.
First off we need a little color, provided by an rgb selection, which admittedly I...
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An image to go!

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Everybody wants to make quick and easy mobile applications, but "whoa", maybe you've got to know java atleast to get it going!. Well no, actually all you need is javascript, a little php and a bit of html, granted this does'nt work on a phone without a javascript enabled browser so two options exist build...
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Round the Bend. PHP rounded corners with GD

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The fact is the entire Web is abuzz with rounded corners, whether it is css code, jquery, or anything else there is always an example of an imgage with rounded corners. so if you really wanted one, how would you go about it in PHP(as an aside these things are about to become much easier with the advent of HTML5 and CSS3: border radius will take...
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It's a shattering experience..PHP Jigsaw!

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Puzzles perplex the best of us, and naturally being interested in solutions, we'll tune up php with a sprinkling of Javascript to produce a jigsaw puzzle(yes, yet another), that will hopefully demonstrate the PHP GD library's imagecopy function in a useful manner.
To begin:-
Create a thumbnail of the image to act as a guide:-
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Image effects in PHP..!

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The fundamental tools to create and display images are provided to PHP through the GD library which is bundled with php5. From creating simple images to complex pixel detection php is capable of fairly professional image editing.
For the production of games or puzzles image management is essential. A word to the wise, if you are new to...
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Anyone 4 poker solataire in php.

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Poker Solitaire
This is a mini single hand version of poker solitaire, it was one of the first scripts I ever wrote in PHP just over 1 1\2 years ago, it is based on a Javascript game by M Moncur.
The original script, when I hauled it out, was nostalgically verbose and repetitive, I worked through it in an to attempt to present a...
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Wrapping up the quiz, PHP MYSQL

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Last time we looked at a method of selecting a quiz from an index list, here we expand on that code to complete this sample. The index.php remains unchanged, but the selector page disp.php is as follows:-

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