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MailBee.NET, how FUN you are!

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Well hello guys~

Back to work once more and writing my slack blogs. Today I have the over-joyingly fun task of modifying out bulk email merge service. Apparently the guys who coded this originally either didn't have access to MailBee.NET with all of its present features or were simply too lazy to bother adding delivery notification. Either...
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Thursday... and not much change. (and a little rant about quaity typing... DOWN WITH TXT SPEECH!)

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Wellllllll its now Thursday and my pretty much ever present headache is still knocking around.

Got up to find a message reply in me inbox only to look over what I'd typed last night and see I had typoed ALL OVER the place. Now I can be a bit funny about typing, maybe a little elitist in some ways so yea.... I felt a bit mortified. Silly I...
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From ok to scatty....

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Well its nearly the end of the day and... wow. I have done next to nothing on ANYTHING. My concentration has just been more frayed than.... a very.... frayed.... thing...

The fact I've had a headache all day hasn't helped of course. Some pills a neurologist put me on last week don't seem to be having any effect at making my chronic...
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First post! Of post-ishness and wonder? Oh maybe, maybe...

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Ok I'm new to this blogging thing so any comments on what would make an interesting read or whatever the just say. For now I'll babble at you. I'm rather good at babbling on with no real purpose.

I'm writting this while sat in the offices of the "tin-pot" software company I'm a dev/tech support at, and I've just...

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