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Posted 20 April 2009 - 04:36 AM

I will be using Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004 to create my userbar.

To start, we create a new .png with dimensions of 350 pixels wide and 20 pixels high and the colour transparent. Then we create a shape which will be a rectangle of the same dimensions. With that shape, we edit the properties to this description.

Fill Category: Gradient
Texture: Line-Diag1, 50%
Stroke Category: Hard Line
The Rest: Default

Attached Image

Explanation: The shape fill will end up with a gradient of your choice. The Texture will be horizontal diagonals running the length of the shape. The Stroke Category is the border line which is set to a hard line. Everything else is left as it is.

Now it should look like the attached image.
Attached Image

So, I want the image to look a bit more 3D and give it a unique glassy look, so now we will add a another shape. This time it will be a circle of the same dimensions of the rectangle. Place the the bottomm half of the circle on the top half of the rectangle. We will now edit the properties.

Fill Category: White, Opacity levels: 40% (found in the fill category, the two top pegs)
Texture: Line-Diag1, 10%
Stroke Category: Transparent
The Rest: Default

Attached Image

Now we can add text eg. your username. Create a label using the text tool (A). Drag a rectangle of appropriate size and place it on the userbar. Change the settings as accordingly.

Size: 10
Anti Aliasing level: No Anti Alias
Auto Kern: unchecked
Color: White
The Rest: Default

The font that I have used is a very common font used in most userbars. I have used a font called Visitor -BRK-.

So now we are finished. It should now look like my example.

Attached Image

Thank you.

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