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Viva64 2.30 Released

Post icon  Posted 20 April 2009 - 09:34 AM

OOO "Program Verification Systems" announces the issue of a new version of the static code analyzer – Viva64 2.30.

Viva64 tool is designed for searching errors in the code of 64-bit applications and for their performance increase. Viva64 is a lint-like static analyzer of C/C++ code. Viva64 integrates into Visual Studio 2005/2008 environment and provides user-friendly interface to test your software projects.

Viva64 scopes of use:

1. Testing of new 64-bit software solutions

Development of modern programs demands that a programmer should know patterns of errors occurring while writing 64-bit source code (more). Many 64-bit errors are implicit and demand great experience and special attention from a programmer. Viva64 analyzer allows you to detect these error types implementing two functions: it removes errors in a program and teaches a programmer how to write correct code taking into account peculiarities of 64-bit systems.

2. Reducing the risks of 64-bit application porting

The use of Viva64 tool reduces the risks connected with new 64 bit platforms mastering and lets determine more precisely the periods of 64 bit projects implementation. Viva64 allows to estimate the scale of operations necessary for the project update at the earliest stages of work with its code.

3. Help in porting 32-bit program code on a 64-bit system

Porting of 32-bit software on 64-bit systems contains a lot of traps which cause failure to finish development in time and complicate testing and maintenance of software products (more).

Viva64 is a powerful tool allowing you to carry out quick and quality migration of 32-bit program code on a 64-bit system. Viva64 static analyzer allows you to release a 64-bit application on market 3 or 4 times quicker.

Viva64 tool is developed specially for 64-bit Windows systems; this makes it a unique tool among other static analyzers (more).

4. Code optimization taking into account peculiarities of 64-bit architecture

Although at first Viva64 was not intended for optimizing programs, most of its error messages can help you to choose more suitable data types, and thisincreases code performance (more).

Static analyzer Viva64 allows you to:
  • detect incorrect and possibly unsafe constructions in the code from the viewpoint of 64-bit support;
  • carry out navigation on the source code to look through incorrect and unsafe constructions;
  • analyze unsafe code and its possible consequences with the help of detailed Help system integrating into MSDN;
  • show possible ways to correct errors with the help of examples in documentation;
  • carry out analysis of the code of the whole project or solution (in Microsoft Visual Studio terminology) and not only separate files;
  • set diagnosis rules if necessary.

Viva64 advantages

Static code analysis methodology used in Viva64 has considerable advantages over other analysis types because it allows you to cover the whole program code. The procedure of code testing cannot damage the code itself in any way. The analysis process is fully controlled by an operator and it is he who decides whether to modify it or not.

Viva64 tool has a large knowledge base concerning 64-bit code development (Help system, articles, examples) which will allow you to considerably raise the programmers' level. Following recommendations given in this documentation will allow you to considerably increase quality and performance of your code.

Viva64 integrates entirely into Microsoft Visual Studio environment and MSDN Help system. User-friendly interface is provided to analyze files, navigate on the code and get Help information. Work with the analyzer does not demand preliminary study of documentation, settings, choosing the diagnosis level etc. The analyzer is ready for work immediately after installation.

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