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Posted 21 April 2009 - 02:32 AM

This tutorial is continued from ZachR's tutorial on Hidden Folders(And I Mean HIDDEN!).

In Vista, say if we had a hidden folder on the desktop, we can not just delete it. We must use the Command Prompt to Undo all our actions.

We start by locating our file. Since it is Vista, our folders should be similar but if not sure, it should be in this directory.
C:\Users\{YOUR USERNAME}\Desktop

Note: {YOUR USERNAME} is the name of your start up login. For the purpose of this tutorial, I will use the name Firebolt.
This directory should be similar to the one that we will be using below. If the folder is in a different location, just substitute in the directory.

Now follow this easy step by step process and you will be able to undo the hidden process.
  • Open the Command Prompt.
  • In the command prompt, type

    and press Enter. (Firebolt = {YOUR USERNAME})
  • Type
    ren "(Alt+255)" "New Folder"

    and press Enter.
    The (Alt+255) is the combination we used for the Hidden Folder so we hold Alt and type in 255. With Laptops, we hold Alt with Fn and 255. The New Folder is the name you want the folder to be.
  • Close the Command Prompt.
  • The name of the folder should be what you typed in the New Folder part. Then you can change back the icon, refering back to the tutorial on hiding thee folder.
Reminder: This method is for Vista users only.


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