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game developers! want to do an interview?

Posted 22 April 2009 - 07:03 AM

Hey! I'm kind of new and really only looking here for somebody to help me with my English assignment. Its a Career Research Project and for one of the careers I have Game Developer - don't judge, give me some advice or anything, I just need to interview somebody who develops - with language, not design - games as a career. You know, goes off to work in the morning, sits in an office building all day and writes code for games, then gets paid. :P If you do the same thing at home and get paid too, thats fine.

Anyways. If anybody's willing to do answer a quick, 15 question interview, please email me at [email protected]. As a fore-warning, I'm going to need your name and email address to record for the assignment.

Thanks! :)

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