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Story Writer for hire

Post icon  Posted 22 April 2009 - 11:24 PM

Name: Shanakar
Age: 26
Location: Australia

I am posting here my services available for hire in the story writing area. I have written stories for video games before, done quest dialogues, written character class quests etc.

I am able to write a storyline within any genre, create names for characters, alliances, races, classes, locations with the bare minimum requirements of knowing the theme.

I'm willing to work on any form of storyline, whether it be for a Client based game, browser game or anything else, hit me up.

Prices are dependant on the scope of the work required, I work fast and can usually turn out a complete storyline draft within 24 hours, I'm not one who plays around in this field.

I also develop and run my own game development company and this is purely done to help others who need it as writing is something I enjoy to do in my free time. If you want someone experienced in writing and can produce work for you in a quick timeframe, then be sure to PM me on here. If you don't yet have PM priveledges then contact me on [email protected] or add me on msn on [email protected]

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