Telnet from WEB Server

Telnet to Routers/Host from Web Server

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Telnet from WEB Server

Post icon  Posted 02 May 2009 - 02:51 PM

Does anyone know what the best approach is to be able to launch a Telent session by click on a link in a WEB page and then have the telnet application launched from the WEB Server.

Then be able to see the telnet login, password etc displayed in a WEB browser like IE, FireFox or Mosiac.

I need to be able to enter data as well as see the response via the Browser while the Telnet application is communcation to a host like a router etc. In reality the WEB/HTTP server is acting at the middle man. Accepting commands from a browser on a client, sending the commands/info to the Telnet Host and then recieving the telnet response from the host and sending it to the Browser on the Clients PC.

Hope that this makes sense. This will allow a user to access a WEB site and then gain telnet access to a host without the need to know the IP address of the host. This provides some security without the difficulty of setting up a VPN or getting through a firewall.

Hope someone might have some idea.

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