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WANTED: 2D Artist for our 3RD Xbox360 Game.

Post icon  Posted 04 May 2009 - 02:35 PM

Adventures Of Sid.

AOS is a 8 way scrolling 2D platformer game.
It is the 3rd in a series of planned games by us at RetroCoders.co.uk

Current team consists of...
1 Lead Programmer & Design (me), 1 Graphics artist and 1 Music & Sound FX guy.
The team is similar to our previous teams that created the Xbox 360 games `Retro One` and `Retro One - Part 2` (available in Xbox 360 community games now).

We are in need of an additional artist. To work on 2D sprite sheets for enemy creatures and scenery block data. We work on .png sheets of 1024x1024 with each sprite/block frame being 64x64 pixels. The successfull applicant should have a good pixel art background and show the ability and commitment to complete given tasks on time.

Please NO TIME WASTERS that offer to do work and then we never hear from them again! (yes this does happen Alot!!!, but please Do feel free to ask additional questions if you have any?)

If you want to be part of a team with a proven record in community games creation then please email me with links to work examples at [email protected]

www.RetroCoders.co.uk is our developement blog site and you can find all sorts of pictures and videos on the site.
You can also watch a complete level of our previous game Retro One!

Adventures Of Sid is a planned 6-7 month project and we are in well into month 3.
Retro One was a 31 day project and was completed and uploaded on day 31 (just about!)
Retro One - Part 2 was a 3 week re-vamp project of the original Retro One game, adding 2 player modes and new levels & ships.

We do work on our games in spare time and would be looking for team members in UK only. This makes communication timeframes easy as everyone is online at the same time 7pm to 12pm each night. We communicate mainly with Windows Live / MSN or xFire and have a shared upload folder for game resources / media.

We offer the standard offer of a small percentage of any Final profits. You would be expecting to get about 5-10% on your first project with us and this will depend on work load produced.
Although small, we have made some money from our previous games. Just a few hundred dollars or so, but its a start and we expect AOS to make alot more than this.

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