Visual Basic 2008 3D Carousel help...?

Can someone help me with this thing...

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Visual Basic 2008 3D Carousel help...?

Posted 08 May 2009 - 01:04 AM

Hello guys....Im building a usefull project in Visual Basic 2008,and I have a perfect idea for a 3D Carousel Menu....but the problem is that I found the carousel..replace the images,,,,everything is okay with the flash,,the only thing I need is setting up the frames.......Now I know this has not to do with VB but does someone knows in flash how to do it when I click a control on the carousel to show me a black screen in the same flash...not redirecting in other website......For VB 2008 I will use this code...
If AxShockwaveObject1.FrameNum = 3 Then
End If

This works great but I need to set up the flash......making the flash I used FLASH 8......and the carousel is taken from here
3D carousel

Now my question is does anyone knows a tutorial for making an actionscript code ,,,when an image is clicked to show me a black screen in the flash form?
Please help...and sorry for being unreasonable.....but Im not good in english.
Best Wishes

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