A Snippet/Tutorial Guide.

A Few Suggested Guidelines To Follow.

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A Snippet/Tutorial Guide.

Posted 19 May 2009 - 07:59 AM


General Guidelines on how to write a good tutorial / create a good snippet.

  • Choose a snippet that answers a specific question (preferable unanswered)
  • Make sure your snippet is modular and reusable
  • Rename the variables to make their context clearer.
  • Add comments to your snippets
  • Test your code! Does the snippet really work.
  • State the frameworks it needs.
  • Example usage. In code comments is ok.
  • Example results. In code comments is ok.
  • Choose a area/topic which is of interest, people are struggling with.
  • Rename the variables to make their context clearer.
  • Add comments to your code snippets
  • Explain the reason / your rational for doing it this way
  • Use different colours to make explanation clearer, if it would help.
  • Use pictures and diagrams.
  • Anticipate possible problems. Post the problem. Explain the cause/s. Offer a solution/s.
  • If possible attach a working copy of the code with source code. (Zipped of cause, No Naked exes here.)
  • Check your spellings. (No Text Speak)
  • Check your grammar. Does what you have written make sense.
  • Use your Author & Contributors Topic to write drafts.
  • Don't be scared of using the Preview Post button. It won't bite, plus it lets you examine the post.
  • Don't submit till you sure it ready, or wait a few days and reread / redo your draft.
Tutorial Pictures/Attachments
  • Reattach and reinsert them into your submitted tutorial.
    I didn't. I just did a straight Copy & Paste of the draft. No Pictures. Confused the hell out of me.

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