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How are the # of jobs avail. in your area? (Also, benefits question)

Posted 28 May 2009 - 07:47 AM

I'm just curious...I'm currently a network admin, but I will have a "Microsoft Application Developer" certificate after the spring semester. I'll have taken VB.NET, XML.NET, .NET application development, and ASP.NET.

I'm thinking of applying for a few .NET related jobs. I looked on CareerBuilder in Chicago and it looks like about 25% of the IT jobs are .NET related.....good sign =)

So how are the jobs in your area if you've been looking? Encouraging, discouraging? I have noticed that last year there were about 1,100 IT jobs in Chi posted at one time on CB, now its down to about 800, but that's still not bad.

Also, anybody have any frame of reference for starting salary for .NET related jobs? I currently make in the low 50's as a network admin.

I'm hoping to maybe find a place w/better benefits too...I don't know if those are a myth these days, or if they really exist, but currently my health insurance has an $1,100 deductible, so basically if I want to go to the doctor, I have to pay cash. The insurance isn't cheap either and doesn't cover my 2 sons.

Tks, Sue

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