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Return a multidimensional array from pointer function in Visual C++

Posted 01 June 2009 - 12:22 AM


I wrote following code to return multidimensional array from pointer function.Input parameter of this function is one dimensional array, output is pointer that point multidimensional array.

double  **function( array< double>^ data,int width,int height ) 

  {int i;
  //define returning variable that point multidimensional array
  double **R;
 // memory allocation for R
 R=new double *[height];
 for (i=0;i<height;i++)
 R[i]=new double [width];

  // ....

  return R;

  int main( void ) {
  int M=2;
  int N=10;
  int  i,j;
  // define multimensional array 2x10

  array< array< double >^ >^ input = gcnew array< array< double >^ >(M);

for (j=0;j<input->Length;j++){
input[j]=gcnew array<double>(N);}

// define result1 and result 2 pointers and memory allocate  for these  variables

 double **result1;
 result1 = new double *[N];
 {result1[i]=new double [M];}

 double **result2;
 result2 = new double *[N];
 {result2[i]=new double [M];}


// send first row array of multidimensional array to function


// send second row array of multidimensional array to function


// delete  result1 and result2
for (i=0;i<N;i++)
{delete R[k];}
delete R;}

 return 0;

I built this program succesfully in Visual Studio 2008.When I debug this code,the program computed result1 pinter variable but during computing result2 in the function here:

R=new double *[height];
for (i=0;i<height;i++)
 R[i]=new double [width];

Visual Studio give this error:

An unhandled exception of type 'System.Runtime.InteropServices.SEHException' occurred in stdeneme.exe Additional information: External component has thrown an exception.Unfortunately I can't understand this error. How can I overcome of this problem?Could you help me please?

Best Regards..

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