[YUI] The column header width and cell widths differ in IE

Column header widths differ to the column width in IE when the Scrolli

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[YUI] The column header width and cell widths differ in IE

Post icon  Posted 01 June 2009 - 12:28 AM

The project I'm currently working on uses the Yahoo User Interface Library. The YUI datatable was used to display records stored in a database. I tried switching it from the datatable to ScrollingDataTable in order to add a vertical scrolling feature. It worked out well in firefox but when I checked on IE6, the cell widths and the table column header widths were different. After doing some looking up I just tried adding:
YAHOO.widget.DataTable._bStylesheetFallback = !!YAHOO.env.ua.ie;

but the outcome was still the same.

Why does this happen? Is there a way to fix it?

P. S. -
  • I'm a complete newbie to YUI. This is the first time I'm ever working with it so please excuse me if i ask something that may sound absurd or obvious
  • I'm using Fedora Core 10 as my operating system along with Tomcat 6 (Just in case these are necessary :)

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Re: [YUI] The column header width and cell widths differ in IE

Posted 01 June 2009 - 07:58 AM

To be honest - I have NO clue about the Yahoo User Interface Library - but - the issue with IE6 is the bain of a developer's existence. IE6 renders paddings and margins (among other things - but this is the most common issue) completely different from FF, Opera, Safari, even IE7 and IE8.

What you do is use - conditional comments - this allows you to set different stylesheets for various IE browsers. IE is the only browser that WILL recognize this code structure.

You will need to post more code for me to help you out more as the code you posted is just calling something from Yahoo and I CAN'T control that; however, I can control the div or td that this code sits in.


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