Google Ads not loading in Firefox

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Google Ads not loading in Firefox

Posted 17 June 2009 - 11:16 AM

Hi there, I am just getting into the world of webdesign and programming so obviously I am trying to learn but I am still a massive newb.

I wanted to create a version of FMyLife but specifically for Facebook so i cleverly called it Personally, I hate facebook and I know it has taken over our lives but i still think we were happier before the facebook beast was unleashed. It's like being able to turn yourself invisible. cool at first but at the end you will invariably use your invisibility to eavesdrop/learn things about people that you're not supposed to see. Facebook has removed that layer of privacy. Meet a great girl at a bar? Friend her and bam, you have 6 mutual friends and guess what she dated your arch nemesis for a year and has 50 photos of them together. You take a "sick day" and your boss sees you at the game. I know there are ways to limit your privacy but always seems to come out. You can de-tag yourself but you can't remove the photo entirely.

Problem 1: ANYHOW, sorry about the tirade, I purchased an FMyLife clone script and have been trying to tweak it to my liking but I am having some issues. If i load the website in IE, both the top leaderboard (728x90) and vertical banner (120x600) show up perfectly but for some reason only the top leaderboard shows up in Firefox. Not sure why that is. Checked the code and I don't know, not sure what could be the matter on the firefox front.

UPDATE: wow, i am an idiot. I had AdBlock+ installed on Firefox and it automatically blocked the ads.

Problem 2: I am getting a massive amount of spam since there really isn't any verification step before someone posts. I like it on one degree because it is so quick for people to log on to the site, hit submit, and bam write your story. But of course 95% of stories being submitted are spam. Any ideas on how to add some level of verification?

thanks a lot for your help, trying to learn as much as I can!

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