HTML email images don't work

Images don't load normal, they are attachments

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HTML email images don't work

Posted 02 July 2009 - 09:46 PM

I just made my first html email.

I tested it by sending it to yahoo and to gmail.

The images do not load normally like html emails I have received from others. Instead, they are attachments.

I use the normal <img> tag.

<a href=""><img src=""  alt="website" name="editableImg1" width="600" height="325" BORDER="0" align="center" id=editableImg1 title="website"></a>

This is just one of the images.

All of them get sent as attachments. The rest of the email works fine.

Please help.

Thanks for your time,

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Re: HTML email images don't work

Posted 02 July 2009 - 10:22 PM

You're going to need to show us how you're building the email before we can make any kind of assumptions or suggestions. Are you creating the email in code? If so what language. These are the kinds of things we need in order to properly help :)
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