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Posted 05 June 2005 - 01:19 PM

Well i found surpass when i was browsing at http://www.manufrog.org
Manufrog are a swedish reseller. Its was really cool that i found you without really looking exactly after surpass hosting. I was looking for a new host i had another swedish host before they were good but the bad thing their connction was really slow it was 54mbit but i was fast as 1mbit with is my home connection upstream so i had my sites on my own server for a while until i find you And the thing that i need is a fast connection is cause i have a big gallery on my site.

Your support
Your support is incredible fast. Almost all my cases was resolved and answered within 1 hour. Most hosting companies have a deadline within 24h. The only thing thats is not fixed yet is some perl modules but i know it will take some time for the admin to fix it if he does. I'm not sure if he will in many cases. Things like installing new modules helping with scripts is not supported by the hosting company. But i have a feeling that Surpass will try their best

Your FTP
Well in the start it was a little problem with the upload.
But it was resolved after 1 day or 2

Your Webserver
Well it has always been fast and i hope it stays that way.

Your Price & Quality
The prices are really low and they have good and fast servers-
If you choose Surpass cause this thread please write Magnus Brodén in the reffer field. And send a note to [email protected]

Server Deso
Site http://www.demontech.net
Surpass: http://www.surpasshosting.com

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