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Share your Idea about SEO

Posted 06 July 2009 - 09:48 AM

We all know that SEO is the most important part of Web development. By SEO we can get High rank in search engine. I hread there are several company only does this thing. I have little bit idea on this

The world around today has widely chosen Internet search engines as the most accepted destination to collect information. Getting visible in search engines is considered as the new era of online advertising. Obviously you should have a website so that it can rank well in search engine listings. As it is a well known fact, SEO (search engine optimization) is done on a website to improve your ranking so that it can get high traffic and then be displayed on serps (search engine resultant page). SEO has refined itself in many ways due to intense competition on the internet.

SEO is mainly achieved by the combination of 2 main factors mainly on page and off page factors.

On page SEO refers to the text and content on your web site pages. It acts as the foundation for your ongoing SEO process. Work on your website and content, so that the search engine can find your webpage when searching for your web sites for a particular keyword.

This has a significant impact on search engine results you should make your site as search engine friendly as possible.

Some of the on page factors include:

1.Search engine friendly web page urls in your site.The inner pages of your site have the urls followed by the domain and then describing your content.

2. Optimization of all your meta tags which mainly includes (title,keywords and description)

3.Internal linking between the pages in the site. Internal linking must be done wherever required such that google does not spam it.The major pages of your site must be linked to your homepage.

4.Creation of sitemap is important so that all your web pages are indexed by search engines

5.Good quality content is liked by most of the search engines. Content should be information rich which is relevant and inspiring-yet do not forget the spiders.

6.Make sure that your html code is free of errors and warnings

Some of the on page factors to be avoided:

1. Hidden link or text: use of hidden or invisible text for getting listed on search engines by using a font color similar to the background color must be avoided which will affect your rankings.

2. Cloaking mechanisms: never show up two different versions of your site, one for the search engines and a completely different page to real users. This will risk your site on being penalized

3. Duplicate content to be avoided.There is no substitute for unique, original and useful content.

Off page factors

As the name indicates off page optimization is the work that needs to be done off the pages of your website. Compared to off page factors,on page optimization is relatively easy to achieve. Some of the off page factors include:

1. Use of anchor text in the links wherever required according to relevancy. Also the text surrounding the links should not be ignored.

2. Building quality links for link building purposes which include relevance,page rank and authority sites.

3. Link popularity can be attained by using social networking sites, log commenting, forum postings, article/press release promotions, directory submissions, link baiting, posting classified ads, link exchange with relevant sites and so on..

Now i would like say please to Share your own Idea, concept or Collected Ideas. And Let me learn by you and so plz

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