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hex/dehex in a irc server

Posted 10 June 2005 - 07:23 PM

I was peeking around but being a n00b here,
I haven't found any topic on it.

Once I'm done rambling,
please post any hints tips codes or links to appropriate areas
if there is already info about this please.

I basicaly am running a chat server
that allows coded nicks into the chat.
When viewing profiles it shows plain nick profiles
and even the coded profiles to some but for some reason
some of us have lost the ability to view coded nicks profiles.

So i would think if there is a hexing code to put in the server.dll
or some other thing like an alias file
that would basicaly turn this


into this


or something to that nature then,
all profiles would become vieqwable again.

Would like anything at all tips or ideas you may have
links to tutorials so i may learn where to put code why it works
or even if you have the coding and an explaination why it works.

I am a n00b but i dont want to just copy paste codes and say thanx.
I want to say thanx for the info or the code and a bigger thanx
for explaining why it works and for teaching me.

Ive been looking all over online for sites forums etc.
This one name really cuaght my eye because.....
I actualy so dream codes sometimes i wake up after a dream
about a code i been working on be it mailing script or simpler
like a new way to layout a form or functionability to site
Ill test it out and it works..go figure lol

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Re: hex/dehex in a irc server

Posted 11 June 2005 - 10:52 AM

Where are the links being generated? In the .dll file or is it strictly the php file that needs modified?
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Re: hex/dehex in a irc server

Posted 12 June 2005 - 10:54 AM

Ty for replying and asking about more info on it.

I have already gotten help from another chat server running
same server and similar web interface basics as myself.

I would share the coding for others but i was asked not to.

I will in time when I have more knowledge myself post info
here and there about certain things i know about.

But for the most part I am really busy in managing a few sites.

Thanx again and hope to become more helpful in future B)
or maybe learn more in here also. :P :^:

Ps an fast edit...

Just so ya know what needed editing
it is basicaly partialy complex lol.

It starts in dll file needing the epuid
wich makes the server allow the profile to be viewable
via right click in room and calling upon a hex from aliases.

Then in aliases needed some hex code.

Furthur more even in the actual profile.php some more hex coding.

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