Who I am?

Looking for php and MySQL help/tutorials

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Who I am?

Posted 12 July 2005 - 12:18 PM


I am a middle aged web designer.
My interests are photography, gardening, herbs, alternative medicine, health sciences, fine art, publishing, research and writing.

I didn't come here looking for dates, just some sort of rundown on using a php for the first time - converting 200 xhtml or html pages to php, and then using MySQL.

Perhaps I am in the wrong space. I bought a MySQL based site space, expecting to snap in some ColdFusion for one page menu (x about 50 )which is persnickety.

So far, not even the host will demystify me as to what I should use with which, or where to look for MySQL scripting.

Being a bit lost, though I write some scripts pretty well, now, I am searching at random for what I need.

I am about to add a forum to my site ,which comes from the hosts' php database. Does anyone know whether I can keep an XHTML site and use the php with no problem?

They do not understand my questions.

It should be a couple of lines that I need like <cfm include="menu.cfm">
(as in Coldfusion) plus a .cfm and or .html (or, .php?) page of info. I have spent three days trying to find out how to use what site space they provide as an upgrade.

Thanks, if you have gone through this, and know where to go to find either php or MySQL scripting.

love Sue

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Re: Who I am?

Posted 12 July 2005 - 12:34 PM

Hi sue, you're new so I'll rundown some stuff about how the site works. This is the caffeine lounge, it is for general discussion not for programming help. i saw you introduced yourself, if you want, you can add that information to our official who are you and where are you from thread, it's sticked at the top of this forum or you can reach it at: http://forums.dreami...?showtopic=3755

as far as your questions, for php we have a forum dedicated to the language right here: http://forums.dreami...showforum28.htm and the same with coldfusion which is right here: http://forums.dreami...showforum31.htm these are the places where you can ask questions about the specific languages, and their integration with mysql. if you have a stand alone mysql question you can ask it in our database forum in here: http://forums.dreami...showforum14.htm

if you can break your questions down based on topic, created a thread for each specifically in the correct forum, it makes it easier for us to help you because we have specialists in each topic, they search their forums and can help you better. also, providing code or any information which you have already tried makes it easier to troubleshoot the problem. often, if this isn't given someone will ask for it and the time between the original post and an actual answer is increased, if it's provided right away questions can be answered quicker.

if you have any other questions, feel free to private message any administrators, team members, or moderators for help. i hope this information helps you use dream.in.code more efficiently as well as help us help you.

good luck

- supersloth and the dream.in.code team
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