Volunteer* - RPG looking for any programmer (Prefer C++ or Python)

*Payment when game sells, unless you don't want payment

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Volunteer* - RPG looking for any programmer (Prefer C++ or Python)

Posted 22 July 2009 - 07:16 PM

Team name:
EkIchi Games

Project name:
SpherEternity: Fallen Angels

Brief description:
Overview: Originally intended to be a direct Star Ocean fangame, Fallen Angels was named Star Ocean: Fallen Angels and centered on a place in Star Ocean universe as a prequel to the series. It sports an original plot, but remains with a Star Ocean-esque feel. The trademark names of the places and characters mentioned have been changed so the game could be simply a tribute to the wonderful series.

Goal: Game engine might made in the Blender Game Engine, using Python. The game has various miniature games included, some of which are made in C++. The minigames will be completed FIRST so that the team gains some experience to help with future planned games, including an MMORPG. SpherEternity: Fallen Angelswill be released in installments/volumes, similar to the .hack// franchise.

Title of Game: Spherternity: Fallen Angels
Genre: RPG Sci-fi/Fantasy
Producer/Publisher: EkIchi Games
Release Date: N/A - Development started Late November 2008
Engine: Blender Game Engine (Tentative)


The characters in this game will be rendered in 3D, the style has not yet been decided. The environment will be modelled in 3D, but prerendered. Anime face graphics will be present, and these will be animated with speech/blinking. CGI and anime cutscenes will be present.


* Private Actions
* Extensive Item Creation
* Full-active Battles
* Character Relationship Meters
* Killer Moves and 3D Spell Effects
* Co-Op Killer Moves
* Celestial Transformations
* Nearly fully voiced over dialogues
* Anime and CGI Cinematics
* 18 Recruitable Characters
* Skill Leveling System
* Multiple Endings


FA has a completely original custom score. Multiple soundtracks and remix CDs will be on sale. Our music has been stated (by players anticipating the release of our games) to be "better than 90% of the 'professional game musick' out there today", some going as far as to say our composer is the next aspiring Matoi Sakuraba (composer acclaimed for creating the soundtracks for the Star Ocean games).

Target aim:
We plan to make multiple volumes of the game, each of which cost a low amount of money. Distributed online and via a disc if possible. There will also be a free demo that people may download at any time.

We all work for the experience for now, money is not our primary concern. After this game releases, we look to have enough knowledge to work on definitely commercial games, for those looking for a long-lasting team to grow into.

This game will be released for PC on multiple platforms.
Code is written in Python with the Blender Game Engine for FA itself (Tentative).
Code is written in C++ for minigames.
Photoshop and Flash are used for spriting and animation purposes.
FL Studio is used for music and sound composition.

Talent needed:
The game code is not far into development, and we will change the game engine if another is easier for the majority of the programming team. This means that you may not need to know Python! C++, Python, HTML, PHP, and ActionScript are the languages we're primarily concerned in at the moment, but if you are willing to learn/help, you have a good chance of being accepted. You must be able to work comfortably in a team, be willing to do any assignments you're given, and be active on the forums. It is not required, but having experience and offering to make the section lead's job easier by offering him/her a list of assignments you would like to do are nice bonus points for you. Yes, this means someone who is excited about finishing a "Hello World!" program for the first time and wants to help make a game has a higher chance of being accepted than someone with 10 years of experience who doesn't care either way.

Team structure:
*Excuse the forum-related names... I don't know everyone's REAL name, though I know most. We address ourselves by our forum names most often and it would actually be more confusing to list our real names.*

1. Kujiforo - Runs the team and does most advertising, makes sure everything is falling into place. On game specific duties, does the character anime animation sketches in collaboration with anime artist, Sai/Razzu. Also leads the spriters team in spriting character animations. Lends a hand both in story development and in game mechanics design as well. May contribute to the voice acting when the time nears.

2. BurstKnuckle - Composes the soundtrack in entirety for the game. Also helps in game mechanics.

3. Sletten - Programmer of Spher-I-City (a minigame). Proficient in C++ and learning OGRE3D.

4. Alkasirn - Lead Programmer and game mechanics developer. Also lends a hands on odds and ends. Working to learn more on Python and the BGE.

5. Syaugust - Wonderful game mechanics develpoer. Has developed much of the game mechanics and has already started scriptwriting for the game plot. Helps wherever he is needed with a fiery passion due to his love of the tribute series, Star Ocean.

6. Razzu - Lead character designer and animator. She will do the final designs for the characters in the game. She provides rough sketches first so the spriting team has references, then creates the full face sets (animated) as well as colours and CGI's for the anime animation sequences (partnered with Kujiforo). She has also contributed ideas into the game mechanics section and story development.

7. Kazuki - Character concept designer. Creates concept art (colored by Razzu) for game characters.

8. Xakot - participates in story development and character development.

9. Pyrne - Contributes to both story and character development as well as game mechanics.

10. AschtheBloody - Particpates in dialogue/story development.

11. Jadzu - Lead 3D modeler. Primarily designs and creates models for friendly and enemy space ships.

12. Ceridan - 3D modeler. Models both environments and characters if needed.

13. Crewchic8546 - 3D modeler. Primarily designs and creates models to be used as prerendered environments.

14. Qb_ - 3D modeler. Primarily creates creature character models.

15. Kshults - Writer. Participates in dialogue/story development.

16. Foodie - Writer. Participates in dialogue/story development.

17. Eithni - Writer. Paricipates in dialogue/story development.

Main site: In development
Work boards: EkIchi Games

I will be able to answer any questions about the programmer position at:
MSN - alkasirn [at] live.com
YIM - alkasirn [at] yahoo.com
EkIchi Work Boards - Alkasirn

Previous Work by Team:
Out-of-project work:
Alkasirn's Game Pack: Link
Razzu's DeviantArt: Link

Project-specific work:
Kujiforo's Sprites: Posted Image
Posted Image

Additional Info:
This game will feature a multitude of extras including-

*Full active action battle system
*A system similar to the Private Actions in Star Ocean, in which characters can build relationships with one another to affect events and game endings
*Multiple game endings
*Voiced dialogues
*Celestial Transformation system
*Multiple item creation and co-op item creation skills
*Killer Moves and dazzling spells
*A multitude of mini-games and side-quests
*Co-Op Killer Moves
+ More.

I really hope to see some interest here in helping to develop this game. It is a wonderful project that I'm sure you'll grow to love, Star Ocean fan or not.

Thanks for all that respond! I look forward to hearing from you.


- Alkasirn

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