Blogger's blocking my "div align" command

I can't right-justify my sidebar

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Blogger's blocking my "div align" command

Post icon  Posted 13 August 2005 - 06:02 PM

My blog is here

Until recently, everything in my sidebar was right-aligned using a div align="right" command; then, Blogger messed around with their code, as decribed here


the upshot of which is that they added a "div clear:both" tag, which, naturally, cancelled out MY div command (and made my Blogpoll, which is a table thing, turn BLACK). They claim that if you "Choose "No" on "Enable float alignment"" that'll get your blog back to its original appearance; they LIE.

Weeks of flooding Blogger with requests for help have been met with repeated claims that this is impossible, and that one of my little doodads in the sidebar must have magically changed and coincidentally caused this problem at the same time that Blooger changed its code. {sigh}

It gets weirder; with Safari (yes, I'm on a Mac), everything looks fine... it's with IE that my sidebar's a wreck.

Here's what I've tried to get those sidebar doodads (all of which are javascript) that are currently left- or center-aligning to right-align again:

1) The "p align="right"" command

2) Defining an h5 that right-aligns

3) Changing the only mention of left-alignment in Blogger's code to right-alignment

4) Using ul's and li's, which Blogger defines as right-aligning

5) Putting "align="right"" into the codes for the doodads

6) Putting "style=float:right" into the codes for the doodads (I saw other ways to use float that right-justified that were explained as part of complicated programming stuff that I had no idea how to implement, so maybe one of those could work?)

7) This one REALLY hurt; I did "span style="float:right;"", and it DID right-justify the element I used it on... but it yanked the next couple of things below it up to the left of it. I tried the span command on a group of sidebar elements; same conceptual results. I did the span for ALL the non-Blogger sidebar stuff, and it worked for the first few, did NOT work on most of them, and yanked Blogger's "Archive" title up near the top, to the left. I did the span thing for the entire sidebar, Archive and Links included, and nothing changed.

If anyone can give me any other ideas about how to get everything in my sidebar to right-justify again, I'd sure appreciate it; please be aware that I know absolutely nothing about programming in any language, so I need something I can copy and paste into my template, along with a clear idea of where to paste it.

Thanks!! :)

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