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fresh from college

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what to expect

Posted 05 August 2009 - 03:04 PM

well. i wanted to share an experience i had which has got me thinking. i just finished universty, when i was in the university i used to intern at this company twice .first and third year.they are a fairly succesful company with some well placed connections and some succesful prlects that come their way.problem is that management at the comapny sucks.htere isnt evough staff yet the company like to handle work which demand too much of staff.the pay is also ridiculous.as a result ,staff at this company end up being overworked and get paid a ridiculous salary too at the end of the month.hte ymoslty employ frsh graduates from out of school whom are willing to earn peanuts yet they work the staff butts out.literally speaking .you get to learn a bit but there is no opportunity for employee to go up the higher ladder a i have seen .there is no employee training for the junior staff and there is no overtime too that is paid.i forgot to mention that there is no appreciation for work done .there is very little progrssion for junor staff and
when mistakes are made.the lesser said the better
as soon as people stay log enough to learn this modus operandi they leave.quickly!!!.i have seen about i think 3 quite talented staff leave because of the selfish nature of this business.
when i finsiehd college since i worked there twice and know so much about their system,they offered to give me a job . in my part of the world after college you do one year of national service ,b4 you actually start working.they offered me the job after this service.i wanted some time off to relax b4 the job actually started(i asked for a month off). i was rebufffed and told that i would be given only one week off.if i dont like this offer i should go on my leave and wait till the end of the the month to submit my cv.(threat in quote meaning that they will discriminate against me if i come at the end of the month).they think that i may be scared into taking their job

i am very ,very stressed out and dont think i can work this month .
i dont blame them for everthing though.the nature of the job is such that its very demainding,but i think they ar ebing qute greed in not hiring enyough staff and overloading the rest of the staff with too much too do.(i ma yet to discus my job terms with them,what a nice time i iamgine that will be )

by the way:i am working on a few projects s there so i am thinking the manager i spoke to may be bluffing. to scare me to start quickly.
we also work in a very explosive atmosphere.and generally employee relation with staff is very bad.a friend of mine whom also worked there with me just had a mmeting with them about how much they were prepared to pay to take us on. and this is
nothing to write home about.
this brings me back tho my main point.
what kind of job offers shoud graduates with no experience take should they not take .most graduates from out of school will just take any job which comes their way regardless of the job culture of the organization.
what tips do you guys have for fresh people out of college regarding situations like this?what do you think i should do.
i have begain sending resumes around .but i am in a bit of a snatch.take this lousyjob with these guys now, and look for a job while there. or ignore them comletley and look elsewhere.

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