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Posted 15 August 2009 - 01:57 AM

Hi all,

Today we will weather some text in the GIMP; e.g make it look old and worn. First, get some text, like so:

Posted Image

Try to choose a fat, wide font and make your text large for optimum results.

Now get the 2nd smallest round brush, select "Smudge" and mess the letters a bit round the edges. Do not hold down the mouse for more than 1/4 of a second on any one spot. This takes some practise, so be prepared to be pressing CTRL-Z a lot. After a while, you should have something like:

Posted Image

(This makes the text appear rough, smashed up and broken)

Now select Dodge/Burn. Check the "Burn" box. Choose the 3rd smallest round brush. Now scribble for a second over the image, trying to be as random as possible

Choose "Dodge" and do the same.

Repeat 3 - 7 times.

Posted Image

Now get a round brush 1 size smaller than your current one. Select "Burn" and do that thang, repeat for the final time with dodge.

Get a round brush another size smaller than your present. Select Sharpen/Blur and make sure you have "Blur" checked.

Now do a final scribble over your image.


Posted Image


Posted Image

Well, I hope you have learned from this tutorial, and go on to make to great looking text! :) Good luck! ;)

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