Scripting Help for Windows Mobile incoming call

scripting for auto accepting of incoming call

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Scripting Help for Windows Mobile incoming call

Post icon  Posted 15 August 2009 - 04:57 PM

ok this is basically what im trying to do... but i need help with teh code or if its even possible

ok when roaming international data roaming charges are ridiculous, but lots of SIM carriers and prepaid phones offer free unlimited incoming minutes....

Now if i were to dial a lets say AOL #, (per say), on the phone, then it would act somewhat like a dial in modem and since its over GSM not GPRS its billed as minutes not as data.....

so basically i want to take this to the next level like a push email style of systm....

so basically here is how it works..

I get an email on exchnge servr, i the server sees this and sends out a data call to my number... the phone is running a looping script that if X number comes in to auto accept and once it picks up its like a "phone call" without any sound but its reciving data and putting it into the mobile outlook inbox. Then once the email is finished downloading it looks normall wallah...

part 2...

when im done typing the reply email .... i then hit send or w/e...

After this is completed the phone will dial X #, then hangup, then once again that special number will come in and automatically connect with that background script, and the email will send. Once its done sending the data call will end..

so here is my questions...

1. is it possible to have a "voice call" muted that carriers data and have the phone register this..

2. is it possible to run a looping script that when it sees a certain # it automatically accepts and knows its a "data call " (over GSM not GPRS) and downloads the info to the mailbox

3. is it possible to have a callback data call system in which the phone will automatically pickup a data call from given number. know its a data call, and allow email and what not to be sent over the channel.

4. is it possible to end these "data calls" but seeing that X amount of data is not being transfered or when a program finishes it send/recieve?

I mean at the end of the day if the "push" system is impossible, but mayve that callback system can work, i can obviously setup an IMAP system that when i press fetch it does that whole data callback scheme? Anyway any advice or any suggestions, i know people cant code this for free, but if its possible i dont mind hiring someone to help me with thie project. Thanks!

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