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XNA Programmer needed to create casual XBLA/PC puzzle game

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CONTRACT - XNA Programmer - Offsite

Posted 25 August 2009 - 03:42 PM

Team name:
boredom's products (unregistered)

Project name:
Extreme Hugtime Simulation Challenge

Brief description:
Extreme Hugtime Simulation Challenge (EHSC) is a parody of a Japanese game show, incorporating the loud color schemes, wacky premises and Japanese announcers which make them a cultural icon. The player, playing as the Contestant, is presented with twelve Hugtime Challenges, in which she must determine for how long she can hug the Challenger before the hug becomes awkward and uncomfortable. Points are rewarded to the player for time, and bonus points are rewarded if she can successfully pat the shoulder of a Challenger or place her head on the Challengerís shoulder. The player competes worldwide for the top place on the leader board, the Hugtime Pagoda.

Target aim:
XBLA, Steam

Please provide estimate.

Programmer - XNA.

Talent needed:
Programmer of creating the game for XBLA and Steam.

Team structure:
Brandon Higley - Co-founder, Producer, Sound Designer
Matthew Higley - Level Designer
Sarah Ellen Cheney - 2D Artist
AFM Games - 3D Modeler(s)

boredoms products

[email protected]

Previous Work by Team:
Brandon is currently the audio lead for Encore by Ethereal Muse.
Matthew is a student of Game Art & Design at Westwood College Online.
Sarah is an award-winning anime artist.
AFM Games has an extensive portfolio of 3D art.

Additional Info:
Feel free to visit our website for more information. Before any confidential details are released, an NDA will be required from all potential employees.


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