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Posted 03 September 2009 - 11:29 AM

This tutorial are made In adobe CS3.

Ok so background one cosmic background
This the name i have give for a radial style background giving a scifi effect.

Step 1
make a new document 500 px by 500 px

Then go to Edit > Fill

Then in the drop down select color.
Then select black.
Attached Image

And click ok

Step 2
Make a new layer

goto brush and select the 300 px one
Attached Image

Then change the size to 500 px

Attached Image
Then select a dark pinky purple colour

Attached Image
and center your brush in the canvas and
Attached Image

There is one type of background but I will continue on how to make it better.

Step 3
Right click on the layer and select blending options
select gradient overlay (make sure it is ticked)
Select radial gradient and select reverse

Now select the gradient

and then now select a medium blue for one side and light purple for the other
(there is no images for this i would skip and come back to it and have a play later)

Step 4
Make a new layer
And have a dark blue/purple and black selected in your colors.

Then goto filter > render Clouds.

Attached Image
[here is another background]

(but you can continue)

Step 5
Next make sure you layer with the clouds is selected.

Then go to the option above layers and select overlay.
Attached Image
It will look like this.
Attached Image

Save a psd because u will be continuing more of these background tutorials.
Thanks end of Part 1

Then you can make things like this:
Attached Image

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