How to sell IT service

there are usefull advices how to sell IT service

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How to sell IT service

Posted 21 September 2009 - 02:09 AM

In our press releases we usually write that in Andersen we develop and integrate the software. It is the truth, but only partially. Also we are searching for the customers and selling our services. And this article is about experience and skills that we have achieved in this industry.
In order to be successful in selling services you should be firstly more competent and erudite than customer in the services that you offer to automate for him. It’s necessary to be interesting for the client. You should be able to produce no less than two solutions of current problem. Always keep in your mind additional variant. If you are experienced in this industry (not confuse with IT experience), you are interesting for the customer, and he will soon accept you partnership.
You should establish such type communication which will be easy and comfortable for you interlocutor. It’s important to use understandable terms during talking with the customer and also it is possible to develop his intelligent stock a little bit. In such case person won’t feel himself like a fool and his self-development will add the nuance of euphoria that arises with the immersion in unknown area. For example, when person learns the first words of any foreign language he usually feels inspiration. People become filled with enthusiasm by learning new.
Before the meeting or at the first meeting you should study the psychological features of the customer. For example, some people apprehend as the argument only the numbers and so you presentation should include only Excel. Another variant is sensitiveness only for visual objects. In this case the best decision is to use Power Point with metaphorical objects that symbolize nodes of the system. In any case you need to adapt your material for the interlocutor; it means to understand his way of thinking, and to speak with him on his language. Otherwise it will look likes conversation between the deaf and the blind.
For my opinion it is important to be frank. If you couldn’t express your frank opinion about something (as for IT it may be the question of quality), you could change the topic and speak about something suitable for frank conversation. Sure, you interlocutor feel whether you have a doubt or firmly tell the truth.
Sometimes it is useful to impress client with WoW effect. Usually the same projects are sold by no less then two or even three companies except your company. For most of them to take part in the presales is a routine. And when you propose to work out a small prototype of the customer system it impresses him terrifically. You proposal becomes the most interesting among other unvaried featureless business proposals. The customer will be intrigued.
It is important to be able not to contradict. My first boss started his study of English from the phrase «You are absolutely right». Actually, this is a common phrase that means nothing but the main idea usually contains in the part of the phrase after the word «but». For example, “You absolutely right with setting up such claims, BUT the cost of the project haven’t included this”. After this phrase the area for maneuvers arises unlike after the phrase «the cost of project hadn’t been implied your supplementary claims» remains only the conflict.
It is important during the presentation to notice when customer got drowsy. It happened if he moved his look from flip chart and began fussing not for the reason. If he starts doing something else, he is not interested in your speech. In my experience was the case when one of the participants of the meeting fell asleep and even was snoring. In this case your things are bad. You need either to change the style of facts presentation, or present it more fluently, express more metaphorically, or even involve such person in the dialogue. However, it looks like neither the first nor the second variants will not give any result, the only possible way is to be better prepared. We should give the customer a feeling of importance. By managing the money (even corporate money), he becomes a man with money. And people with money demand for a respected relationships, they need understanding of their status. How could you make them to feel their own significance? Good variant is to behave yourself obsequiously. Ability to be obsequious without any efforts it’s a great gift. Although you could not agree with me. During the presentation it is important to use verbs in the present tense. For example: "the system menu is called" "the installer starts”. Even if you have neither system menu, nor the installer. This is correct in the sense that the customer tries on a situation where he became a "buddy" with you. And if he starts repeating after you: "We call", "We install", this means that he just have chosen you as a business partner. When you advertise a product it is desirable not to abuse of superlatives. It means don’t use such words as best product, good product, super product often. Sometimes it is useful even to indicate small disadvantages of the product. For example: “Our program is good, but there is a problem where we can place our employees who become unnecessary after the release of your product”. Usually this kind of problem is called pleasant bustle. I think the customer will be happy to solve it.


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Re: How to sell IT service

Posted 27 September 2009 - 12:54 PM

View PostAndersen, on 21 Sep, 2009 - 01:09 AM, said:

...It is important during the presentation to notice when customer got drowsy....

You sir, have made me drowsy. If you want to sell your IT services, you have to first market them properly. If you are in the local market, then look into very geotargeted forms of advertising/sem/etc....if you are on a national scale, study your competitors, realize what they are doing and then implement a strategy that takes advantadge of the work they have already done.

Hope it helps a little.
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