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  • Accounts

    • How can I delete my account?
      Here at DIC, we do not delete accounts. All you have to do is to clear out your profile and never login again.

    • Does DIC have a logout button?
      Yes. Go to My Profile in the top navigation bar and it will be the last link.

    • What is DIC++ and how can I receive it?
      DIC++ is a benefit that members can receive via payment, a link to DIC (More Details) or obtaining 500 kudos. DIC++ is just $2.00 per month or $15.00 per year!

    • What are the benefits of DIC++ ?
      -Ad Free Browsing
      [email protected] Email Address (2GB Storage - Hosted by GMail)
      -A Stylish "DIC++" Badge
      -Increased Private Message Storage (200 Messages)
      -Unlimited File Upload Limits

  • Posts
    • How can I report posts that break rules or been misplaced?
      Click the Report button on the bottom-left hand corner of the post and file your report.
    • I found a post most helpful. How do I thank the user?
      Under the post there is a "This Post Was Helpful" button. Click and follow the directions.
    • How can I report posts that break rules or been misplaced?
      Click the Report button on the bottom-left hand corner of the post and file your report.
    • Can I delete my posts?
      DIC team members do not delete posts unless there is a compelling reason to do so.

  • Avatar

    • How do I change the text under my Avatar?
      After 500 posts you are able to change to text, via edit my profile.

    • What are those blue tiles below my username?
      They represent the amount of forum posts you have made.
      New D.I.C Head 0
      D.I.C Head 50
      D.I.C Regular 250
      D.I.C Addict 500
      D.I.C Lover 1000

  • Private Messages

    • Why can't I PM another member?
      You need at least 10 1 posts to enable it.

  • Snippets & Tutorials

    • How do I submit a snippet/tutorial?
      In the top navigation bar, there is a link for Tutorials. Then, choose the appropriate language or category and then click New Topic at the top. It will get submitted to our moderators and they'll approve or deny it. Similarly, the Snippets link at the top.

    • Why is my snippet/tutorial not showing in the list
      All snippets & tutorials are checked as thoroughly as possible for proper functioning, that it follows the best practices for that language and that it's not copied from another site. If your snippet/tutorial is disapproval you should also receive a message explaining why.

    • I submitted a snippet/tutorial like ages ago and heard nothing?
      Please be patient, we receive a lot submissions, it takes time to perform the necessary checks.

    • I have posted a snippet/tutorial on another site, can I post it here?
      Yes you may, however you will need to prove that you are that corresponding member.

    • I don't have any tiles. What does that mean?
      It means that you have received another badge such as a contributor badge. Read here for more badges: http://www.dreaminco...?p=about#badges

    • What are the Snippet Guidelines?


      Snippet Guidelines
      A Code Snippet is a useful piece of code which accomplishes a common task, demonstrates a technique or concept, fills a gap in an existing language, and could be reused in an existing application. Snippets should be well commented and explain the concepts being used. Snippets should be useful to a wide audience. Snippets should conform to standards when possible.

      Snippets should not simply be an example of a built in function or library. Snippets should not be full applications unless the application demonstrates a useful concept. Snippets should not be malicious or violate any laws (including intellectual property laws).

      Snippets are reviewed individually and may take several days to be approved/disapproved. Approved snippets are worth 25 kudos.

  • Blog

    • How can I start my blog?
      Go to My Profile > Edit My Profile > Your Blog Settings. Once there you can create your own D.I.C blog or links to your external blog.

  • Kudos

    • What are kudos?
      Kudos are a contribution based points system. Kudos may be awarded through competitions and is rewarded for submitting an approved tutorial (50 kudos) or a snippet (25 kudos). These are found in the user profiles along side each post and in their complete profile.

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