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SQL Inner Join Problem

Posted 06 October 2009 - 05:35 AM

hello everyone...
I have a problem regarding on sql about inner join.
i have this database 2 tables: table1 has 3 attributes and table2 has 4 attributes.
now i want to copy the exact data inputted from table1 to table2. I have used inner join but it only binds the 2 attributes and leaves the rest.

here's what I've done:
sql = "Select * From T1 Inner Join T2r On T1.At1=T2.At1"

is it possible to bind the other attributes using that code?
example: :unsure:
sql = "Select * From T1 Inner Join T2r On T1.At1=T2.At1 & T1.At2=T2.At2 & T1.At3=T3.At3" 


can you please help me with this? :cry2:
I would Really appreciate it to if you give me some link (tut) about it. :D

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Re: SQL Inner Join Problem

Posted 06 October 2009 - 05:53 AM

Yes, it's possible you've got the right idea. Your only problem is that the logical AND in SQL is the "AND" keyword, not the ampersand. Plus you're calling the table T2r in the FROM, but I assume that's a typo.
Select * From T1 Inner Join T2 On T1.At1=T2.At1 AND T1.At2=T2.At2 AND T1.At3=T3.At3

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