V. 1.4 of CWD

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V. 1.4 of CWD

Posted 05 April 2001 - 05:39 PM

it`s still under construction but....


what do u think

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Re: V. 1.4 of CWD

Posted 05 April 2001 - 08:30 PM

Alrighty first thing, I'll remind you to get rid of that footer...

ok, on to your site....on your navigation, get rid of the times new roman, go with verdana or arial... also make buttons... just small buttons with style... you might want to try a simple design with graphics and such... as in, go into photoshop and layout a nice looking page (don't focus on text, focus on graphics and the actual design and look of the site) then cut that up, throw the images in to dreamweaver/frontpage and vuala, you've got a nice looking site...

Those text links and tables are just to bland... keep everything consistent...

If you want a fun idea for a site... here's one I did:

Another fun site I did that even you can do with tables and a few graphics is:

I got 񘕈 for the above site (rrseu.com) it's simple.. but it has a layout, as in it's got a structure and design to it not just frames and pages with black backgrounds...

This is just my opinion but try to avoid black background when you are a new designer... black is very dangerous unless it relates to the site in some way, you'd be really surprised what you can do with just plain white, no background images or anything.

Here's one more to look at for some simple ideas:

That is another simple site, but that's what the client wanted, it's got design and such, but it's simple and easy to use, notice ALL VERDANA, NO TIMES NEW ROMAN

White just makes people feel so much brighter and happier than black does... black is dark and mystical not very corporate, I use grey because it's techy feeling, it's got a certain geekyness factor to it....

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