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Re: Official Dream.In.Code Rules

Posted 14 November 2005 - 03:14 PM

POPULAR is a friendly community for programmers and web developers of any level. You will find experienced programmers, inexperienced newbies, hobbyists, and every age and experience level in between participating at We expect you to compose yourself in the same way that you would expect to be treated in the "real world" and show respect for fellow members. With that being said, we have outlined some specific do's and don'ts below and by participating in the forums you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to ALL of the formalities below.

Please read the entire Terms of Service which outlines most of our rules and expectations here:

Posting a Programming Help Question
Members of Dream.In.Code are here to help you, we will not not do your homework for you, or just give you code. If you are posting a question in one of our many programming help forums, you'll need to tell us what the problem is, show us your code (by posting like this: :code:), and explain any errors you are encountering. If you can't do this, you will probably receive little or no help.

Providing Help
As stated above, we do not do peoples homework for them. We are here to help. So please feel free to give back to the community by replying to questions. If a member does not include their code or is simply asking you to do their homework for them, you can type: [ rules ][ /rules ] (no spaces) to include our homework and code policy. You can also request a member paste their code in the appropriate [code] tags by using our : code : emoticon (again, no spaces).

Not Allowed
  • You may not heedlessly post advertisements throughout the forums. This includes new threads and replies to existing threads.
  • You may not post affiliate links anywhere in the forums (This includes your signature).
  • You may not post a response to another user suggesting that they employ you for a certain service.
  • You may not use the PM system or user email contacts to spam members.
  • You may not re-register under a new name to get around certain posting restrictions or disciplinary actions. Such memberships will be immediately revoked.
  • You may post an advertisement in the Classifieds or Job Offers forum.
  • You may use your signature to let others know about your site (see signature guidelines).
  • If you own a website that has **information** that would be helpful to the topic being discussed, you are encouraged to post a link to the portion of your site that discusses the topic. This may be an article or tutorial you wrote on a certain technique.
  • Signatures should not be excessive in length. (about 4 lines of 65 characters)
  • Graphics must not exceed 400x80 (total width of entire signature)
  • You may include links that lead to your site(s) or a product page.
  • You may not run sales ads in your signature.
  • You may not have a slogan. (i.e. "Top Quality Websites starting at $299.00" )
  • You may not include links that contain Affiliate Ids (i.e. Free IPods).
  • You may not include "Donate $$$ to me" links.
  • You may not include scams or unenforceable offers (i.e. "Earn $10,000 a month selling suntan lotion to dolphins")
  • You may use vB code tags in your signature within reason. You may NOT use a font size larger than the default or more than 3 different font colors.
If you have any questions about whether your signature falls within these guidelines please contact a moderator.
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