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Next Xbox 360 update brings Twtter, Facebook and Last.fm

Posted 19 October 2009 - 01:34 PM

If you are an active Xbox 360 user, you probably have heard before that there were plans on having Twitter, Facebook and Last.fm available on the console. Recently, the availability of these services on the device was confirmed and the preview version of the update is currently being tested (as seen here).

With this update, the Xbox 360 users will be able to access their Twitter, Facebook and Last.fm accounts, if the console is connected to the Internet of course. Also, the Zune Video Marketplace will be now available on console as a replacement for the standard Video Marketplace.

For those of you, who are concerned about the fact that typing Twitter/Facebook status updates using just the controller is quite uncomfortable, there are two ways - either buy a Messenger Kit or connect a regular USB keyboard to your Xbox 360 (yes, you can type using a regular PC keyboard on the Xbox).

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