data structure help in c++

FIFO, LIFO, Stack, Queue

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data structure help in c++

Posted 29 November 2005 - 01:42 PM

hi Im waseem
I need an immediate help as soon as possible,
I have three simple question with coding problems in data structure in c++
thess are :
1)suppose that you are finanicier and purchase 100 shares of stock in company X , in each of january , april , and september and sell 100 shares in each of june and november
the price per share in these months were
jan apr jun sep nov
$10 $30 $20 $50 $30

determine the total amount in your capital gain or loss , using
a)FIFO accounting
b)LIFO accounting
that is assuming that you keep your stock certificate in
a)a queue or
B) a stack.

the 100 shares you still own at the end of the year
dont enter the calculation.

question number 2:

write the methode to implement queues by the simple but slow technique of keeping the front of queue always in the first position of a leaner array.

question number 3:
write the method to implement queues where the implementation does not keep account of the entries in the queue but instead use the special conditions

to indicate an empty queue

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Re: data structure help in c++

Posted 29 November 2005 - 01:45 PM

The forum rules, in general for next time.

And I've moved it to C++ forum

Can you show us some code you've written so far?
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