Source preventing search engine listing?

Problem in source preventing search engine listing?

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Source preventing search engine listing?

Posted 09 November 2009 - 06:17 PM

I threw this out in the search engine forum but figured my issue may relate more to the source so posting here.

It has been years since I did any web development and I decided to help someone out and throw together a simple site.

The development went well enough, the site can be pulled up without issue but I cannot find the site on any search engine. I can't even pull up the site on google even if I search for the exact URL. I did manually register the website with google (1 month ago), but I still can't pull up anything. I checked the whois and did not see anything that jumped out at me as a problem.

I was hoping that someone more experienced could help me identify if there is a problem in the source and how to resolve it.

The URL is and the source is not hidden or anything. The JS is in a seperate file and I can provide it if needed but I figured it would not have anything to do with this issue.

One thing to note is that the site is basically one page due to its limited content with several seperate hidden panes of content. I wouldn't think this would cause a problem.

I am not so interested in rankings so much as just being able to pull it up in a search engine based on a company name / city search.
Thanks In advance

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