more listview questions

adding instances of classes(see code)

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more listview questions

Post icon  Posted 18 November 2009 - 10:54 AM

Hey everyone, back again with more questions about listview stuff.

basically, I'm trying to make my own version of iTunes. here's a quick hash of the important bits of code so you have an idea of what I'm doing. I know it's technically bad coding to use all public members, but I'm just doing it here so that it's easy to read (and so I have less to type).

public partial class Form1: Form

public list<media> filelibrary= new list<media>();

public Form1()

//here's the bit I'm having trouble with
public void media_adder
//inside this void function is pseudo code of what I think this should 
//kind of look like, but I'm not sure how to make it work:

foreach(media in filelibrary)
   listViewItem temp= new listViewItem();
	foreach( in media.metadata)
//another problem area: how to match the name of the value of the 
//data (eg, "director's name") to the column's header text?
		if( listView1.Columns.text)
		return "";



public class data{  public string name, value;}

public class media{

public list<data> metadata;
//somewhat flexible way of storing different attributes.  for example, 
//the user could store some movies according to who directed them, 
//but not all videos are directed- eg, pretty much all of youtube- and 
//so I want to make this as free-form as possible

public string filepath;//location on drive of the media

public int hitcount; //number of times a song/movie/etc is played


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